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Emperor Vespasian rules the Roman Empire as the four-year-old Elisa is brought to the Temple of the Moon. The Temple, situated in the mountains of Gallia Alpira, is led by High Priestess Ada. To appease the Romans, the priestesses worship their Moon Goddess as the Roman goddess Venus. The goddess of beauty. But Ada herself is not pretty. So she regards the beauty of any woman in her temple as a threat to her power. Even the beauty of a four year old girl. From the first day that Elisa arrives at the temple, the high priestess hates the child. So much so that she forces her to wear layers of veils so that her features and her butter blonde hair are not seen. Secluded from the rest the girl spents her days in solitude. Until it shows that the child has a gift of prophecy. A rumor that also reaches the Roman ruler. Governor Alfredo Nespassa demands control over the veiled girl, but shes proves to be untraceable. High Priestess Ada has her hidden in the temple garden in a basement. She holds the girl there for months in darkness and completely alone. If Elisa is finally freed, she no longer speaks. However, the life of young Elisa changes drastically when she's eighteen and sent yet to the Roman Governor. But along the way she is picked up by a Roman patrol led by centurion Torbe Salugi.
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