Hidden from a heady 17th century outside world, who has forgotten even the existence of the ancient Olympian gods, a small community of priests worships the Eternal Ruler sea ​​god Poseidon. In their midst the Key to his existence; his 5 year old daughter Layna. Until one day disaster strikes and Poseidon's child is kidnapped by pirates. Poseidon sends his dolphins to save her. However, the girl disappears without a trace... Years later, Layna now bears the name Eleanora, do the pirates get back on her trail. For the daughter of Poseidon there is only one choice; to hide aboard one of their ships. And become ship's boy Aron Aele. “Three captains, three ships will hunt her… Who will be the first to find her?”
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Book impression, starting from chapter 4
Poseidon’s Key