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For those who don’t know me from my books, for several years now I’ve been writing under the alias of Dawn Avalon. The history of this can be read on the Books part of this website. My books aren’t published with regular Publisher, where most is being done for you, but with a Print on Demand Publisher. Which means I have do to a lot myself. To save costs I create the drawings for my covers myself. For example…
These last six months (Spring 2020) I’v focussed myself on drawing and painting digitally. To actually get to selling my Art was and is a stirring step to take. Arranging something like this, a few things come into play. And more important, how do I sell my Digital Art? While I was still thinking about that, I looked for a Print Partner. It was important that the colors that I had selected digitally appeared on the printed canvas. So sky blue and not pale blue. Or deep red and not orange-red or pink-red. And just as important, that my Art would be sent to the customer well protected. And so a collaboration with PrintAPI came about. Seeing my own digital Art on a Canvas cloth measuring 60 at 90 cm, gave me a wow-moment. The collaboration means that they can create a personalized product for those who love my digital Art. And if there are any questions about the material or shipping, they are available for that. I hope you’ll enjoy my Art. A warm greeting, Dawn Avalon
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