Dawn Avalon (1973) grew up in Groningen, where she still lives..  During the first 3 years of her life, she lived aboard her parents ship, Capri.       From the age of eighth Dawn began writing some short stories. Later, in her teens these became brief excerpts of books she wanted to write in the future.  After her studies, she did a brief study on the Dutch language and she followed a course in Creative Writing. In the years that followed, Dawn wrote mostly for herself. The Frost-Flower Artists is one of those books ...  In 1997, Dawn got a job at a telecom company which would provide a solid job  in 1999. A long period with new friendships, joy, misunderstanding, humor, heartbreak, support, resistance, joy and loss began. She would hardly write anymore, until 2006...
22 december 2001 her first great love, Seléna was born.   On 29 april 2012 came the moment of farewell. 26 maart 2003 her second great love, Salomé was born.  On 27 april 2013 came the moment of farewell.
Late in 2006 she finished 'A Circular Room’  and sent it to several publishers. Without result. An employee of one of those publishers, with whom Dawn had e-mail contact, gave the advice to consider trying LuLu Enterprises. Shortly afterwards she published her book 'A Circular Room, and Toddlar and Bubbles. Unfortunately, these first publications were not picked up by the public.
In the summer of 2007 the writer was experiencing severe fatigue, a body temperature below 36 degrees, chills, a two-week menstrual cycle, and a stool with intervals of 3 to 6 days. A physical cause was not found. At the end of the year a five-centimeter cyst on the right side of her throat appeared. After a quick scan, it was concluded that the cyst was leaking and that it would just pass away. Also, she was told that "one" could not become tired of a cyst. So her physical fatigue only happened between her ears.
Still in the spring of 2007 Dawn was already actively looking for the 3rd great love of her life. However, she did not find her in the Netherlands but in Germany. On 18-11-2007  Léana, was born. To sick to be able to travel herself,  Dawn’s parents picked up the bundle of love in february 2008.
No longer able to do physical exercises, such as cycling or walking  with her dogs, Dawn got stuck the first half of 2008 at home. After several weeks of isolation she decided to keep her mind  active and took on her book 'A forgotten Past'. With a laptop on her lap, and supported by pillows, she went to work. In September of 2008 she published a first edition of this book via LuLu. A regular publisher was not approached (anymore).
As told, Dawn was sick the first half of 2008 and stayed at home. Since her 'illness' was not seen as a physical reaction to something, but as a psychic one, steps in this direction were taken to get the writer back on her feet and to work. On to psychiatry ... and sports under supervision. Meanwhile it was (made) clear to Dawn that her fatigue was being experienced as a burden. And that her job was in jeopardy. So in certain company she wore hers biggest smile and... fought... In the spring of 2009, it even seemed that she really was better ... if she kept herself calm ... If she took her rest ... after work hours... And after the obligatory sports she had to take. For hours she just laid on the bench. Only her dogs made happy ... And writing ... Although her body let down ... Her fantasy literally kept her going.
In the months that followed, Dawn not only had to fight a constant battle against physical exhaustion. The cause of her fatigue was a daily topic of discussion. She had to resist more. Try harder. In an attempt to function 'normally'  she gradually lost herself. Though she made sure no one noticed this self-doubt. At that time the writer got the inspiration and help to start the book Caught between Light and Darkness with the first solo title (I am who I am). A story about a young woman who is not believed in what she is experiencing. In the months that she let this spiritual book rest,  she began the adventure book Key of Poseidon ... Because the physical exertion of cycling to work was already exhausting enough, she ended the  exercise under supervision. Also the talks with the psychiatrist came to an end ... In her struggle not to be called mentally weak, she made the outside world believe that she was in control of life again. Only her parents saw the truth.
Late 2009, however, the house of cards began to falter when the cyst increased in size.  In february of 2010 there were some new series of investigations ... Which were inconclusive. The pain in the cyst that began to do the puncture was not considered alarming in two earlier reports. The cyst however began to harden in these three weeks and the pain became unbearable. As in May 2010 it resulted in an emergency admission in the University Medical Center Groningen because of inflammation in the cyst. Dawn's body was engaged in such a struggle to fight the inflammation that her bone marrow was no longer able to produce red blood cells. After the anemia and the inflammation had been resolved, after a week in the intensive care, Dawn was sent home again. But her symptoms were not gone ... It took time, it was said ... Maybe sports under guidance and talking with someone was good idea ... Why did Dawn think she was so tired ? ... Yet there was a doctor, an endocrinologist at the University Medical Center Groningen who kept thinking about Dawn's condition. There was another investigation.
In November of 2010, thyroid cancer was established by the author. Her body had built a cyst with a hard layer around the cancer cells. However, although not visible in blood measurements, the performance of her thyroid was thus reduced ... In addition, her body had fought against the cancer all this time. Which also meant a long struggle for Dawn. End of January 2011 she underwent surgery. Then followed a long way to recover.   Although her physical forces were still not as they should be, Dawn wrote on her book "Hidden Gifts 'and the remake of The Circular Room that got the new title "In the Dark of the Circular Room'…
1Juni 2012 her 4th love was born. Solyne.
On April 29, 2012 Dawn lost, after a fierce battle, her love and support, Seléna.
 In the summer of 2012 Dawn began her four-part series: Damned by Blood.
Though the fatigue continued to play tricks with the writer, she tried to live her life. She still had her job. The support of her parents and her dogs.
On 27 april 2013 she lost her dear Salomé after a severe fight.
Dawn continued to write and hope that her books would be picked up by the reading public ... But only her family, her neighbors and some colleagues at work were so sweet to occasionally buy a book from her. She got into business with an online publisher in the Netherlands ... Although the cooperation was a pleasant experience, a policy change ensured that Dawn felt compelled to search for another Online Publisher.
5 Maart 2014 little  Safira was born. INot only for Dawn it was love at first sight
In  2015  Dawn went to Brave New Books. In the summer of 2016 she published the first part of the Damned by Blood tetralogy, Mists of the Present.
In the summer of 2018 Dawn began writing songs. Because the text and melody proved not to be enough, she bought a Music Maker. On YouTube she learned about writing notes and chords ... From that moment she seriously began to make music ...
In December 2019 Dawn had already sold more than 1,000 books. Not nearly enough to-splitter her dream ... But maybe it's a start ...
As of June 1, 2019 Dawn lost,  due to a reorganizing,  her permanent job.
In the five months that followed, she was released from work. But did not take a break. She published the 2nd part of The Circular Room series, In the Shadow of the Circular Room. Wrote new songs. Created animations. And published her children’s books on LuLu  again.
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