Dawn Avalon (1973) grew up in Groningen, where she still lives..  During the first 3 years of her life, she lived aboard her parents ship, Capri.       From the age of eighth Gerda began writing some short stories. Later, in her teens these became brief excerpts of books she wanted to write in the future.  After her studies, she did a brief study on the Dutch language and she followed a course in Creative Writing. In the years that followed, Gerda wrote mostly for herself. The Frost-Flower Artists is one of those books ...
Late in 2006 she finished 'A Circular Room’ and sent it to several publishers. Without result. An employee of one of those publishers, with whom Dawn had e-mail contact, gave the advice to consider trying LuLu Enterprises. Shortly afterwards she published her book 'A Circular Room, and Toddlar and Bubbles. Under the alias of Dawn Avalon. Unfortunately, these first publications were not picked up by the public.
In 2008  she  took on her book 'A forgotten Past'. . In September of 2008 she  published a first edition of this book via LuLu. A regular publisher was not  approached (anymore).
Between 2009 and 2010 the writer got the inspiration and help to start the book Caught between Light and Darkness with the first solo title (I am who I am). A story about a young woman who is not believed in what she is experiencing. In the months that she let this spiritual book rest, she began the adventure book Key of Poseidon ...
In the years that followed, Dawn wrote on her book "Hidden Gifts 'and the remake of The Circular Room that got the new title "In the Dark of the Circular Room'…
In the summer of 2012 Dawn began her four-part Mists series for Cursed by Blood.
In 2015 Dawn went to Brave New Books. In the summer of 2016 she published the first part of the Cursed by Blood tetralogy, Mists of the Present.
Authors Bio
In the spring of 2018 Dawn started creating songs. The results can be heard on the Songs page.
When the mini-series Queenie aired in 1987 and the name Dawn Avalon was called, she knew the name meant something to her. 4 years later, at the age of eighteen, she read the book, Mists of Avalon, by Marion Bradley. And again the name Avalon hit her.
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In 2023 Dawn got help with translating her book, Poseidon’s Key. And the 4 books from the Mists Series from Cursed by Blood.
Dawn Avalon is on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thedawnavalon
In 2024 she published the translation from her Spiritual Thriller